LeeAnne Hutchison


Not Zoom, y'all!  I was SO INCREDIBLY STOKED to share live theater outdoors with the classy, innovative Nomad Theatrical Company during October 2020! Social distancing, mask wearing and limited numbers all applied. Here now for your viewing pleasure is 

the sweet new play TRIVIA ABOUT YOU, by the talented Amy Berryman, which I got to perform with Nomad Artistic Director (and yes, my husband), Grant Neale.


WHEN: Oct.15 @ 4pm (Central Park), Oct.18 @ 4pm (Prospect Park), Oct.23 @ 4:30pm (Central Park)

& Oct. 25 @ Time TBA (Central Park) 

Reservations Required! Email Artistic Director, Grant Neale, nomadtheatrical@gmail.com & you will be sent 

a confirmation with a pin drop and description of the location.  

Performance Duration: appx 45 minutes    

Audience size: 25 people max

Attendees must agree to Wear Masks and to Maintain Social Distance throughout the event 

The Actors: Amber Calderon, Jose Diaz, Zachary Eisenstat, Lynn R Guerra, LeeAnne Hutchison, Grant Neale, Jammie Patton, Irene Rivera, Brandon Rubin, Peter Townsend, Josh Tyson 


Plays & Playwrights: (Short plays with One or Two characters) 

Trivia About You, by Amy Berryman ​(I'm in this one!)

Sans Mask, by Esther Benegas Gatica  

Buddy, by Ravin Patterson  

Flora Wisdom, by Saviana Stanescu 

Mickey And Max, by John Robert Tillotson

Public Service, by Michael Wilson

Facilitators: Jammie Patton, Grant Neale, Hannah Livant (Sound Design), Cordelia Senie, Jeff Duer, Robert Gilbo

Graphics Wiz: Allen Spector 


And! In case you missed it---

Now available on YouTube!

I star in the second play, PIDGEONS at just about 11.30 minutes in. 

Here's what reviewer Erin Kahn had to say in StageBuddy.com:

LeeAnne Hutchison performs with a sensitivity that mines the full depths of Berryman's script, switching from humor to horror in a seamless second. It's funny until it's not. Eventually it becomes clear that this woman's deranged thoughts and actions are simply her response to a loss she can't conceive of, which begs the questions: what does grieving look like in quarantine? and what happens when we refuse to let go?

I loved bringing this new short play to its first audience, written by the incredible Amy Berryman. With Robert Gemaehlich, directed by Amber Calderon, produced with so much heart by Eden Theater Co. 

In these strange times, it feels good to explore human nature and tell our stories. 


Enjoy! Then Vote! Let's win back the soul of America!